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“Il Mio Io” a special project for Mantù 10th anniversary

Mantù celebrates women’s uniqueness with a limited edition perfume and pen & ink portraits.

Mantù means timeless style, enhancing the natural elegance of each woman since it was launched ten years ago by Castor, the Mantua haut de gamme womenswear manufacturer founded by Angela and Elena Picozzi with Francesca Agosta.
To celebrate its values of unique, liberated femininity, Mantù asked the Italian nose Martino Cerizza to create a perfume, Il Mio Io, a limited edition which will be given in a sophisticated packaging designed by Massimiliano Sutti.
Elena Borghi, an Italian illustrator, paper artist and scenographer, especially drew pen& ink portraits of every person who will receive the gift.
«I thought about that special feeling you get when holding in your hands Mantù items and their top quality fabrics», Cerizza says. «As a result, I played with contrasts, starting with grapefruits and fresh ginger. The heart notes are flowery, mostly because of frangipani, while the persistence of the bottom ones comes from wooden and musk tones.»

Borghi only had photos to inspire her portraits: «I looked at the pictures of those
people I never met, and it’s been pretty intense to draw all of them in just a few days»,
she explains. «I tried to capture their essence, which I mixed with the shape of a plant sprout, to wish them prosperity.»
« We wanted to create a connection with our world and those who will receive the
perfume, something fascinating to experience», Angela Picozzi points out.

Together with the Mantù team, she hosted a cocktail to celebrate the 10th anniversary in the
Milanese showroom in via Saffi 25.

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