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#knowyourpower project

#KnowYourPower is a journey, a research and a manifesto of the Mantù women.

Mantù celebrates every woman, who is fullfilling herself with the consciousness of her potential.

Following her inner light, believing in her vision to achieve her goals.

This is the woman we would like to honor with this project.


Here we have some of our Mantù “super woman”: the brave and professional crew behind the collection. A deep know how mixed with passion and dedication.

Maddalena, Senior Pattern Cutter

Giving texture to abstract concepts is Maddalena’s expertise: she interprets the designers vision with cutting edge dexterity.

Luna focuses on every detail of our collection, from the designer’s insight to the last stitch.

Luna, Product Manager


Angela makes the prototype of each garment, with expert hands guided by her creative spirit.

Angela, Première seamstress


Rosa’s craftsmanship goes beyond what machines can accomplish. Her nimble fingers enhance the details that define a masterpiece.

Rosa, Hand Stitch Seamstress


Photo by Chiara Mirelli

Creative direction: Elena Borghi

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